„This time he held on and I was the one crawling out of my skin, I was the one who couldn’t bear just having him close without the friction. When it was over, I was exhausted and just wanted sleep, but he kept near and held my face and said, Wait. Wait, don’t fall asleep just yet. I blinked in trying to keep my eyes open and asked why, why not sleep and he said, Just for a while. Just keep your eyes open for a while longer, okay? Just … just don’t fall asleep. I kept awake for as long as I could, which probably wasn’t that long at all, and in that time he just held on to my face and looked at me. Every now and then my eyes would droop close and he’d run his thumb over my cheekbone and would whisper, Hey, just a while more. So I’d try for a while more, sleepily peering back at him. I don’t know when I finally did fall asleep, but when I woke up next—just for a small moment in the night—his hands were still on my cheeks, but his breath was deep and even and his eyes closed.“